Vokonis – The Sunken Djinn 2017

Sweden’s “City of Rain” and formed in 2015 out of the ashes of adrift stoner rock band Creedsman Arise, Vokonis will release their follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed “Olde One Ascending” this June on the Californian label Ripple Music.

01. The Sunken Djinn
02. Calling From The Core
03. The Coldest Night
04. Blood Vortex
05. Architect Of Despair
06. Rapturous
07. Maelstroem

Pre-order the album here.

Simon Ohlsson – Guitars, Vocals

Stone Sour – Hydrograd 2017

Stone Sour’s hotly anticipated new album, “Hydrograd” is set for release on June 30th, 2017, via Roadrunner Records.

Recorded at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, CA with producer Jay Ruston, “Hydrograd” features the lead tracks, “Fabuless” and “Song #3”.

2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea
3. Knievel Has Landed
4. Hydrograd
5. Song #3
6. Fabuless
7. The Witness Trees
8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)
9. Thanks God It’s Over
10. St. Marie

Five Horse Johnson – Jake Leg Boogie 2017

Now some two decades and seven albums into their career – with eighth “Jake Leg Boogie”, set to drop late this June on Small Stone – Five Horse Johnson has dug out a niche of their own, a genuine love and respect for traditional blues and classic rock leading them to likewise become one of the most loved and respected bands in the heavy rock underground. Always a freight train live, they’ve toured the US (with Clutch and Halfway To Gone) and Europe extensively (including the festival circuit), gathering fans, friends, and drinki

Walpyrgus – Walpyrgus Nights 2017

Walpyrgus – a supergroup of US metal – will release its debut album “Walpyrgus Nights” on June 9th, 2017, via Cruz Del Sur.

When these veterans of Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept, Daylight Dies, and Viper (amongst a long list of many others) broached this subject, it actually came to fruition with a very real mutual ambition and respect for both each others’ talents and the musical influences that made them who they are. When you hear those passages recalling the aforementioned Maiden, Lizzy, Priest, Fate, etc&#8

Prospekt – The Illuminated Sky 2017

Laser’s Edge division Sensory Records announces the re-emergence of UK-based Prospekt, as the band completes their textured second album, “The Illuminated Sky”.

Closing a four-year void since the release of their lauded “The Colourless Sunrise” debut, the follow-up will see release this July.

1. Ex Nihilo
2. The Illuminated Sky
3. Titan
4. Distant Anamnesis
5. Beneath Enriya
6. In The Shadows of the Earth
7. Alien Makers of Discord
8. Cosmic Emissary
9. Akaibara
10. W

Rage – Seasons of the Black 2017

“Seasons of the Black” was recorded in February / March 2017 at Megafon Studios (Burscheid, Germany) and at Soundchaser Studios (Zandhoven, Belgium). Its production was handled by Rage, whilst the renowned Dan Swanö (Marduk, Opeth, Katatonia, etc.) took care of the mix and mastering at Unisound Studios (Grefrath, Germany).

Great White – Full Circle 2017

On June 2nd, the classic band, Great White, releases the new album “Full Circle” through the Frontiers Records company. The track list looks like this:

1. I’m Alright
2. Movin’ On
3. This Is The Life
4. Let Me In
5. Moonshine
6. Cry Of A Nation
7. Give It Up
8. Big Time
9. Never Let You Down
10. I’ve Got Your Back

Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright 2017

On June 16, classic Cheap Trick releases its new album “We’re All Alright”, which will contain the following songs:

“You Got It Going On”
“Long Time Coming”
“Radio Lover”
“Brand New Name on an Old Tattoo”
“Floating Down”
“She’s Alright”
“Listen to Me”
“The Rest of My Life”

Bonus Songs on Deluxe Version:
“Blackberry Way”
“Like a Fly”

Voodoo Six – Make Way For The King 2017

On September 8, the English hardcore band Voodoo Six releases the new album “Make Way For The King”, produced by Tom Fletcher (Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck). The track list looks like the following set:

1. Electric
2. Make Way For The King
3. Let Me Walk
4. Falling Apart
5. Riot
6. Amen
7. Until The End
8. Release The Hounds
9. The Choking
10. Walk A Mile
11. Wasteland
12. Swept Aside

Orden Ogan – Gunmen 2017

Power metallers Orden Ogan have set “Gunmen” as the title for their highly anticipated new studio album, which will be released on July 7th.But not only that: the band has announced three live release shows (supports will be Mob Rules and Human Fortress). Tickets are exclusively available in the AFM webshop. The ticket owners will receive an exclusive Orden Ogan live CD on show day!

Seeb (v, lg, k)
Tobi (lg)
Niels (b)
Dirk (d)

Excalibur – Humo Negro 2017

EXCALIBUR, your “Humo Negro” is not the substance, after which the common Weekend Warrior graces. Not really. There is the loincloth in the face of the cover, the band name and the promo text (key elements: founded 1984, second LP never published) just gladly made a tear test – and then that: instead of as a steel-cheeky mix of MANILLA ROAD, BROCAS HELM And ETERNAL CHAMPION to the sky, the Spanish EXCALIBUR hangs like a wooden-brittle mixture of MAIDEN cover, permanent-wave rock and city-festival stage to Proberaum floor.

1. Excalibur 04:25
2. El indigente 04:5

Evil Cinderella – Dangerous Inside 2017 EP

EVIL CINDERELLA from the tranquil Wuppertal want to emulate the classical hard rock and metal-size of the 80s and early 90s with their music. On the second EP “Dangerous Inside”, this gives a competent mix of grippy hooks and virtuoso guitar work.

1. Eagle Eye
2. Day by Day
3. Dangerous Inside
4. Without a Chance to Fight
5. Pretend You Died

Evilyn Strange – Idiom 2017

On the 22nd of June, the English hardrock band Evilyn Strange releases the new album “Idiom”, which will contain the following songs:

1. Break The Chains
2. So Far Away
3. Father Time
4. Better Days
5. Down
6. Thrown
7. My Revenge
8. One
9. Come Alive
10. Rise
11. Waterfall
12. Messed Up

The One Hundred – Chaos + Bliss 2017

The One Hundred have revealed that “Chaos + Bliss”, their debut studio album, will be released via Spinefarm Records on June 2nd, 2017.
The 12 tracks – including lead UK single / video “Dark Matters” and follow-up “Monster” (both premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show) – will be available on CD, DL & LP, with the latter featuring bonus song “Temples”.

Combining elements of rock, rap, grime, hip hop & r ‘n’ b, the London quartet are well versed in swerving simple categorization and steering a direction that’s very much their own; add in quality, hook-laden songwriting plus adventurous production, complete with plenty of low-end poke, and “Chaos + Bliss” stands as a musical statement to truly stir the senses.

1. Dreamcatcher
2. Monster
3. Disengage
4. Dark Matters
5. Fake Eyes
6. Hand Of Science
7. Boomtown
8. Blackjack
9. Retreat
10. Who

Echotest – From Two Balconies 2017

First of all, “From Two Balconies” has a wonderful cover artwork that was designed by the renowned Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray etc.). Secondly, the album has a modern orientation and blends alternative, modern prog rock, pop-rock, rock, atmospheric, ambient & electronic music together. Three out of the ten tracks are instrumental, and one of them is the actually annoying “Confirmation Bias” – a track that can cause you a headache from the very first sec. Thankfully, the album has some nice atmospheric tracks like “The Mystical Connected Us”, “Beats in the Brain” (a remar

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