Synn – Venom (2017)

Artist: Synn
Album: Venom
Genre: Hard Rock / Female Vocal
Country: USA

01. Day of Wrath
02. Bloodlust
03. Guardian
04. Echoes
05. Broken Glass
06. Insane Crazy Love
07. Burning Flames
08. S&M
09. A-Plus (Live)

Melissa Jane ~ Vocals
Mike Status ~ Bass
John Chominsky ~ Drums
Albert Ortega ~ Guitars
Angel Navarez ~ Guitars



A mix of Brutality and Melodies that cross the metal genres. A unique mix of modern day metal with riffs that cross the genres of rock and roll. Music that will have you singing along to head banging to dancing in the dark.

01. Intro
02. Burn It Down
03. Sick Smile
04. Keep What You Kill
05. Wolves of War
06. Zodiac
07. Among the Flames
08. Devils and Snakes
09. Electrified
10. Oblivion Awaits


Darcee Fox – Islands (2017)

Artist: Darcee Fox
Album: Islands
Genre: Modern Hard Rock
Country: Australia

01. Islands
02. Dead Skin
03. Out of the Rain
04. Homebound
05. Revolver
06. Junkyard Queen
07. Wanderlust
08. Rest Easy
09. Teeth
10. Night Owl
11. Coils
12. Lady Stardom
13. Somethin’ Else

Elliott Okerstrom – Vocals
Nick Casalini – Guitars
Jay Morgan – Bass
Mark Day – Guitars
Karl Mallet – Drums

Fear Velocity – Volume 1 (2017)

Meet the artists known as “Spanish”. Hailed as one of the best and most famous metal/rock guitar players in Texas . “String” Meet Jason “String” Atwood. The infamous singer, song writer and performer. Without doubt one of the most famous artist in Texas. FEATURING Jason “STRING” Atwood and Jeff “SPANISH” Scott, both formerly of the band DOWNSIID. Utilizing the unmistakable vocal talents of Atwood and the remarkable guitar and studio production experience of Scott, 2014 marks the introduction o

Avelion – Illusion Of Transparency (2017)

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Modern / Power Metal
Country: Italy

01. Fading Out
02. Echoes and Fragrance
03. Burst Inside
04. Derailed Trails of Life
05. Falling Down
06. Innocence Dies
07. Waste My Time
08. Open Your Eyes
09. Ain’t No Dawn

Line Up:
Danilo Arisi – Bass (HellCircles)
Alessandro Ponzi – Drums
Leonardo Freggi – Guitars (ex-Blood Sucker)
Oreste Giacomini – Keyboards (From the Depth)
William Verderi – Vocals

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