Zi Factor – A Testament of Rage (2017)

Zi Factor is an Indonesian modern metal band like no other. Led by brothers Ezra & Eddy Simanjuntak, both guitarists, they were already developing their own blend of indo shredding back in the 90’s. Founded in Jakarta, the band has forged a unique style of grooving metal fused with elements of Indonesian traditional music. Broken down & retrofited to give voice to Indonesian metal. From Indonesian traditional music influenced riffs, thunderous beats & mind bending solos to lyrical twin language cadence, its east meets west at its best.


Daisyhead – In case you missed it 2017

Daisyhead release their second album, In Case You Missed It, on 7th Jula via No Sleep Records. It’s an album born of a difficult period for the band, amid member changes and a near break up, the entire process of the album gave the band new life, and the emotional roller coaster it became is shown within each song.

01 Hold The Door
02 In Case You Missed It .
03 Bodies
04 Ready For The World
05 Never Know
06 Tv Song
07 Our Last Exchange
08 Common Ground
09 Don’t Feel Bad
10 Dark Circus
11 Opryland Lights

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King Weird – The Illusion (2017)

King Weird is a heavy sludge rock band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 2007 to deliver the goods.. If heavy riffs, grooves and melodic vocals are your thing we dare you to give us a listen. We are unique and stand behind it.

1. Jump (2:51)
2. Closing In (4:20)
3. Insomnia (4:05)
4. Happy (4:23)
5. Teardrop (3:08)
6. The Illusion (8:02)


Übergas – Heiss (2017)

The band is called Übergas, the album HOT, so it should be right here on the cheat track. And actually, frontman Krispin Kirchhoff, guitarist Maik Ter Stal and drummer Georg Lenhardt (The Apocalyptic Riders) push the pedal through on their fourth album. HEISS dissociates itself from the last publication IN THE CIRCLES OF THE FAMILY (2015) in some points, renounces electronic painting or samples and reminds rather of the beginning of the trio, which go back to the year 2008. Modernity is thus almost a past for over-gas.

01. Am Trop

Volvmen – Antes de Morir (2017)

Mexico, Volvmen is a Rock n ‘Roll band with a sound influenced in great times since the 70’s, even with the grunge of the 90’s. A classic rock sound made up of: Drums, bass and distorted guitars with a gentle, melodic and powerful voice. All this we do with great honesty, with passion and with the only hope of being heard.

01. Antes de Morir
02. Ecos
03. Confiar
04. Uno X Uno
05. ¿Quién Mató al Suicida?
06. Hvmano
07. Metamorfosis
08. Hombre Viejo
09. Polos
10. LSD

Keemah – Sprayed By The K’ (2017)

France Hakim made a noteworthy passage as a guitarist in No one is innocent, the flagship group of the French rock scene. Afterwards, he worked on various fusion albums, always looking for more mixes and mixtures such as Digital bled, Rimitti (with East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Sidi Mansour), Alif Sound System mixing Drum & bass, rap and metal or playing with good group numbers from Raîna Rai to Disiz the plague. These experiments all served as a launch pad at Keemah.

1.Underground Dawg
2.Ça Monte En Pression
3.Vite Vite

Sarea – Black at Heart (2017)

SAREA was formed with the intention to combine aggressive, heavy guitardriven metal and adding blistering melodic parts to create the huge and massive sound that today often are described as a melodic fist-to-the-face. Have you ever seen them live then you know you cannot ignore to the fact that SAREA is a tight, heavy, melodic and aggressive machinery onstage..

01. Lights
02. Black at Heart
03. Perception
04. The Others
05. Let Us Fall
06. Duality
07. The Dormant National
08. Monotone
09. Control

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