Polo Cortes – Sub-Sole (2016)

Artist: Polo Cortes
Artist: Chile
Album: Sub-Sole
Genre: Crossover

01. Prólogo el Rapto del Sol 1:02
02. El Rapto del Sol 5:10
03. Prólogo Juan Fariña 1:02
04. Juan Fariña 10:32
05. Prólogo Quilapán 1:50
06. Quilapán 4:55
07. Prólogo Víspera de Difuntos 0:52
08. Víspera de Difuntos 11:24
09. Prólogo el Chiflón del Diablo 0:48
10. El Chiflón del Diablo4:01
11. Prólogo Cañuela y Petaca 1:04
12. Cañuela y Petaca 8:11
13. Prólogo Deb

Keep Rockin’ – Screaming Out Your Name (2017)

For four years they have been waiting for their second releases from Keep Rockin ‘. Wloclawian in 2013 debuted a very interesting, released by Lynx Music, Into The Unknown. Musicians preparing for her successor sought, among other things, support from fans in the croudfunding campaign, which unfortunately did not produce the expected results. And yet they have not forgotten and released a disc that brings a lot of changes and certainly shows their development.

Let’s start with the exteriors, because the item is delivered really nice, in a very tasteful digipak, to this with an intriguing cover by

Riverside ‎- Lost ‘n’ Found: Live in Tilburg (2017)

Once every 10 years we add an exclusive concert release to our discography 🙂 It is our pleasure to let you know that soon we’ll add another one. “Lost ‘n’ Found – Live in Tilburg” is a recording of our show in a Dutch club 013 in Tilburg, which took place in the autumn of 2015. The double CD with graphics designed by Travis Smith will be available only at our this year’s shows of “Towards the Blue Horizon Tour”.

CD 1:
01. Lost
02. Feel Like Falling
03. Hyperactive
04. Conceiving You
05. Panic Room

Soap Revelations – Little Oceans (2017)

I dare say that at least Soap Revelations speaks very well of a Colombian scene that from here does not project anything relevant to the fans of the world, there will always be someone who has to take the first step.

01. Little Oceans
02. The Willow House
03. Town of Cats
04. Skylights
05. A Matter of Perspective
06. The Mind Palace, Pt. 1
07. The Mind Palace, Pt. 2

Juan Pablo Gonzalez | Drums, lyrics
Nicolás Gámez | Bass (On Skylights & The Mind Palace)
Juan Simón Ramirez | Guitars, bass, keyboards

Also featuring:
Juliana Castril

Napier’s Bones – Alpha-Omega Man (2017)

Napier’s Bones are a UK band taking the Classic Prog sound and building upon it to create their own challenging, extended form of progressive rock music. Their focus is firmly on dramatic storytelling with subjects capable of resonating with the listener today. Music that references the past but is very much of the here and now.

01. Awakening
02. The Messengers
03. Citizen
04. HypnoSapiens
05. Without Sentiment
06. Psychic Driving
07. Sleep Well
08. Free At Last

Gordon Midgley : Music, Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Nathan Jon Tillett :

Return To Void, a progressive rock band, was established in Karhula, Finland in 2015. Initially started as a trio (Markku Pihlaja -voc, Saku Hakuli -gtr, Pasi Hakuli -bass), played acoustic versions of Bruce Dickinson solo material under the name of Dick & Son´s.

After couple of gigs the band wanted to try with full band so Kalle Kukkonen was summoned to take the drumming duties. The magic was immediately there like in good old days of Kaihoro. A band, where they all used to play in the past. In the afterglow of successful gig, the idea of a band that would play new orginal music was born.

Isildurs Bane & Steve Hogarth (Marillion) – Colours Not Found In Nature 2017

Swedish Progressive pioneers, Isildurs Bane and Marillion vocalist Steve Hogarth join forces on 2017 album Colours Not Found In Nature.

Comprising six songs composed by IB’s musical director and keyboard player Mats Johansson and Steve Hogarth, the richly detailed recordings feature tuned percussion, strings, woodwind, brass and voices, and within an integrated suite-like album structure.

Both a departure for Steve Hogarth and a stunning return for Isildur’s Bane, the album incorporates elements of Rock, traditional music, Jazz an

Kansas – Vinyl Confessions 2011 Rock Candy Remastered, FLAC

Genre: Prog-Rock
Year of publication of the disc: (P) 1982 (C) 2011
Publisher (record label): Rock Candy Records Ltd.
Catalog number: CANDY095
Country: United States of America

01. Play The Game Tonight
02. Right Away
03. Fair Exchange
04. Chasing Shadows
05. Diamonds And Pearls
06. Face It
07. Windows
08. Borderline
09. Play On
10. Cross Fire

Phil Ehart – drums
John Elefante – keyboards, vocals
Dave Hope – bass
Kerry Livgren – guitar, keyboards , Synclavier Programming
Robby Steinhardt – violin, vocals
Rich Williams – guitar

Additional personnel:
Bill Bergman – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Yolk – Solar (2017)

Artist: Yolk
Album: Solar
Genre: Progressive Rock

01. Solar 14:18
02. Vanitas 13:49
03. Sepulchre 10:25

Fabrice Brzoskiewicz : batterie
Antonin Carette : basse
Valentin Carette : guitare et effets
Delphine Delegorgue : chant et effets
Adrien Michel : saxophone et clavier

album line up:
the same plus Emilien Leroy : violon

Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues, with John Lodge & Mike Batt) – Discography (13 CD) – 1975-2016, MP3

Genre: Art-Rock / Crossover Prog
Country: United Kingdom
Year of Publication: 1975-2016

1975 – Blue Jays (with John Lodge) [50:49]
1977 – Songwriter [44:51]
1980 – Night Flight [44:24]
1980 – Night Flight (2004 Remastered, Bonus Tracks) [52:57] – VBR V0
1985 – Moving Mountains [46:25]
1989 – Classic Blue (with Mike Batt) [58:30]
1996 – The View From The Hill [58:59]
1998 – Live In San Juan Capistrano [1:19:22] – 192 kbps
2003 – Acoustic Session at Bennett Studios [35:15] – 192 kbps
2003 – Justin Hayward & Friends Sign The Moody Blues Classic Hits [1:10:03] – 160 kbps
2013 – Spirits of the Western Sky [1:07:23]

Phideaux – Number Seven (2009) Lossless

Artist: Phideaux  Title Of Album: Number Seven  Year Of Release: 2009  Country: USA  Genre: Art Rock / Symphonic / Crossover Prog  Format: FLAC (image+.cue, scans)  Size: 412 Mb


01. One: Dormouse Ensnared – Dormouse – A Theme (1:08)
02. One: Dormouse Ensnared – Waiting for the Axe to Fall (6:14)
03. One: Dormouse Ensnared – Hive Mind (4:00)
04. One: Dormouse Ensnared – The Claws of a Crayfish (5:41)
05. One: Dormouse Ensnared – My Sleeping Slave (3:26)
06. Two: Dormouse Escapes &#82

Procol Harum – Novum 2017

The brand new studio album “Novum” (on CD and 2LP) by PROCOL HARUM will be released on April 21 via Eagle Records.

01. I Told On You
02. Last Chance Motel
03. Image Of The Beast
04. Soldier
05. Don’t Get Caught
06. Neighbour
07. Sunday Morning
08. Businessman
09. Can’t Say That
10. The Only One
11. Somewhen

Gary Brooker – piano, accordion, vocals
Josh Phillips – organ, vocals
Geoff Whitehorn – guitar
Matt Pegg – bass guitar
Geoff Dunn – drums
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Eloy Fritsch – Sailing To The Edge (2017)

Eloy Fernando Fritsch (born 1968) is an electronic musician, keyboard player and main composer of Brazilian progressive rock band Apocalypse. As a solo artist he creates cosmic new-age music.

1. Sailing to the Edge Overture
2. Land of Wizards
3. The Spy
4. Liberty
5. The Rising Sun
6. Mind Uploading
7. The Flying Caravel
8. Floating Castle
9. Telepathy
10. Immersion
11. Alchemy
12. Beyond the Time Barrier

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C-SIDES – We Are Now (2017)

Musically “We Are Now” is a mix of Yes 90125 era, and Rush – particularly their ’80s incarnation when synthesizers were an important part of their sound – towards modern Neo progressive commercial melodies.

1 – Out of the Water
2 – Black Road River
3 – Deck Chair City
4 – Truth Through Clowns
5 – Rock and a Hard Place
6 – Before the Fall
7 – Living Without Wires
8 – Lies in the Open
9 – We Are Now

Allen McCarthy – vocals
Martin Ros

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