The Buzzos – Take it like a man 2017

From Spain, The Buzzos is a rock band formed in 2002 by five passionate fans of electricity, sweat and devastating fetishes as MC5, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, The Stooges and Aerosmith.

1.Hot Glue 03:54
2.Sweet Daze 04:50
3.Get the action 04:22
4.Gimme the rock´n´roll 04:20
5.Deep & dry 04:41
6.Lonely boy 05:38
7.The evil one 03:11
8.Burnin´desire 05:18
9.B.I.T.T.E.R. 04:29
10.The same as me 04:26


The Hooters – Give the Music Back – Live Double Album 2017

Great live album from one of the most under-rated bands around. Such a shame that they are more popular in Europe than they are here. Great music!!!

c One
I’m Alive
Hanging On A Heartbeat
Day By Day
All You Zombies
Private Emotion
Morning Buzz
South Ferry Road
The Boys Of Summer
Graveyeard Waltz
500 Miles
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Where Do The Children Go

Disc Two
Karla With A K
25 Hours A Day
Jigs & Reels
Johnny B
And We Danced
Give The Music Ba

Bangkok Shock – The Culture Slut Collection 2013

Category: Sleaze Glam
Year: 2013
Label: FNA Records

1. Culture Slut
2. The Avenue
3. One Kiss
4. Junior Prom Cherry Bomb
5. Culture Slut Instrumental Acoustic Demo
6. Shock You live
7. Johnny Rocket live
8. The Avenue live
9. Psycho Chick Therapy live
10. Culture Slut live
11. One Kiss live
12. Venus In Furs
13. Mystery live
14. Junior Prom Cherry Bomb live
15. Culture Slut commentary
16. The Avenue commentary
17. One Kiss commentary
18. Junior

Bryan Duncan ‎– Blue Skies 1996

Sweet Comfort signed with Light Records and released five albums between 1979 and 1983. After their farewell tour in 1984, Bryan went solo, starting on a path that would lead him to over 25 years in the industry.

Blue Skies 4:18
Turnin’ 3:19
After This Day Is Gone 5:17
One Touch Away 3:45
Dying To Meet You 5:32
A Whisper Heard Around The World 4:25
No Greater Love 5:07
Tell Me Where You Are 3:50
Joy Is A Singable Thing 3:19
Take Another Look At Me 4:53
Take Heart 6:25

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The Buzzos – Lazy Days Vol​.​1 [2015]

Recorded and mixed at Sonak Studios by Luis Miguel García,Mérida,Spain , september 2015. Mastered by Enrique Soriano at Crossfade Mastering, october 2015.

1.Glory days 04:16
2.Ten years 03:28
3.Christine (She´s gold) 04:30
4.The right way 04:22
5.Suggestion 03:17
6.Here I am 04:26

The Buzzos:
Sean“Flecha”Swindle: voz
Dean Demon a.k.a Diego Leone: guitarra
Álex D. Lario: guitarra
Juan A. Sánchez:bajo
Fernan Benítez: batería


SIMACOTA – Cuando El Silencio Se Rompe 2017

Country: Colombia
Year: 2017
Genre: heavy metal

1.Espíritu de jaguar 02:46
2.Balada metal 04:37
3.Corazón de metal 05:14
4.Hombre al limite 04:17
5.Triste 06:04
6.Cuando el silencio se rompe 02:37
7.Miedo a la oscuridad (cover) 07:17
8.Pienso en ti 04:46
9.Dueño de si mismo 05:08
10.Regresa 03:59
11.Palabras de libertad 03:09
12.Resurgir 04:45
13.Proverbios 2 04:26
14.2 Am (cover) 05:52

Hellrider – Hellrider 2017 EP

Heavy metal 80’s band, mainly influenced by the NWOBHM (Hell, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Cloven Hoof) and bands like Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate. Funded by Infernal Overkill and Sinner in August 25th , 2005 in the city of Medellin, Colombia. HELLRIDER pretends to rescue the roots of those british times of the early 80’s.

1.Fallen King 04:01
2.Heavy Metal Force 04:18
3.Killing For Love 04:00
4.Neverending Nightmare 04:59
5.Scheming Demons 05:09

Falconshield – Unbroken 2017

Falconshield was founded 2010 by Josef Falkensköld fear Rob Lundgren with the release of “Gam3r M3tal”. Since then, guitarist Martin Floberg and vocalist/writer AntiRivet has joined and the group now regularly releases songs and content on Youtube and other platforms.

1.Tentakill 04:48
2.Laughs Converging 02:03
3.Mayhem 03:40
4.Celestial 03:08
5.War Machine 04:36
6.Ignite 03:07
7.Sandstorm 02:17
8.Make Explosions With You 03:20
9.Plants vs Zombies 02:06
10.The Survivor 03:39
11.Off the Hook 01:02

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Yasi ‎– Yasi 2014

Now,promoting her music, Yasi is touring constantly with her band and sharing the Stage with many artists including UFO, Chris Thompson,Steve Vai, Savoy Brown,Hellmut Hattler, Gil Ofarim and Neil Young.

1 Mtec 2:36
2 Modern World 4:38
3 Spiritual Groove 5:20
4 Nights Finest 3:22
5 Society 3:27
6 Quest 8:04
7 Afraid Of Losing You 4:02
8 Sweet Autumn 6:54
9 If You Wanna Go Now 4:42
10 Troubled 7:39
11 Boston Bound 5:17


Krissy Matthews – Live at Freak Valley (2017)

The brilliant Norwegian-English guitarist Krissy Matthews was going on a tour of Spain last June. Within hours of arriving, the artist reported that his drummer left the band in a totally unexpected way. Another musician could have solved the problem, but everyone knows how to do their best, so we are not seeing it, but this record is a sample of what can happen in a Krissy live.

1. Feeling For The Blues
2. I’ve Been Searching
3. All Night Long
4. Searching The De

The Surfin’ Limones – Apolo I (2017)

s they say, labeling The Surfin Limones is difficult. Having in his name the word surf, we could think that some surf rock would have in his proposal. But there are more tracks, they were formed in 2013 in Palma de Mallorca under the name of The Great Heroes of Rock and Roll Surf and then they changed to The Surfin ‘Limones.

01. Verano de 2002
02. Alas de aviador
03. Caras conocidas
04. Brújula
05. Rosas blancas
06. Al otro lado
07. Lola
08. Caravanas
09. Lunes
10. Sr. Policía

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