Death Valley Knights – Valhalla Vintage (EP) (2017)

DVK are so very tight, playing a bruising rendition of traditional metal that appeals to all Judas Priest acolytes – Metal Hammer

DVK appear to combine the power of traditional metal with contemporary sensibilities, blending razor sharp solos with big riffs and even bigger choruses – Zero Tolerance

01. Valhalla Vintage
02. Be the Grizzly
03. Legacy
04. Taste Of The Kill
05. Shut Up and Drink


Windrow – Executive Countdown 2017

The fifth album of Power Metallers from Rome called Windrow is a great album, but penalized for all 49 minutes of duration by a series of inaccuracies in the details that make the album much nicer and less sellable than what It could be, and it’s a shame since the instrumental performance, especially the solo guitar, is not bad for all the “Executive Countdown” that can make us hear some beautiful solo leaks.

01. Live out
02. Breaking The Chains
03. Fight ‘n’ Right
04. Keeper Of Fate
05. Over Wild
06. Phoenix Arise From The Ashes[2]
07. Save Me
08. Sudden Black Rain
09. World Collides


Deja Vu – Bullets Reloaded (2017)

The origin of Deja Vu dates back to 1987 when Werner Kerscher and Timo Zach both saw the band Overkill (Saturday, April 11, 1987, in Regensburg) on their very first European tour and the idea was born to form a heavy metal band.

Back then, they only knew that a guitar had six strings and in an emergency, how to tune it. Werner recalls: “We didn’treally care as long as it was loud and heavy”. Next, they found capable bandmates with Stephan Moro on drums and Alfons Klostermaier on bass who were alrea

Klingenberg Syndrome – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2017)

Henrik Klingenberg from Sonata Arctica & Silent Voices – new solo album will be released 21st July 2017 !!!
Klingenberg Syndrome: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

From the keyboardist of Sonata Arctica and Silence Voices, Henrik Klingenberg comes the second solo effort called “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”.

01. Egocentric, Pt. 1
02. Vendetta
03. The Boogieman
04. If Only I Could
05. Alright
06. Egocentric, Pt. 2
07. The End Song
08. Mea Culpa
09. The Traveller

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Blind Seer – Apocalypse 2.0 (2017)

Belgian band Blind Seer is supposed to be the most original project to have seen the light in recent years. The trio has made an EP in 2015 and now it is time for the apocalyptic debut album. An album that is described as very original by the press sheet that accompanies the album, I don’t know if I think that they are as exciting as they are described in the press sheet. Good, absolutely, it has some interesting traits and the ending Bowie cover is quite excellent.

01. Deafening Silence
02. Revolution
03. Total War
04. Apocalypse 2.0<

GALDERIA – Return of the Cosmic Men (2017)

Marseille, France-based power metal band Galderia have released an official lyric video for the track ‘High Up In The Air’.Galderia issue second full-length studio album Return Of The Cosmic Men on July 21st, 2017 through Massacre Records.

1. Shining Unity
2. Blue Aura
3. Living Forevermore
4. High up in the Air
5. Celestial Harmony
6. Wake up the World
7. Legions of Light
8. Return of the Cosmic Men
9. Pilgrim of Love
10. Wake up the World 2.0


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