Cortez – The Depths Below (2017)

Artist: Cortez
Album: The Depths Below
Genre: Hard Rock / Stoner Metal
Country: USA

01. All Gone Wrong
02. Poor And Devoid
03. Walk Through Fire (In The Shadows Of Ancients pt. I)
04. The Citadel (In The Shadows Of Ancients pt. II)
05. Blood Of Heirs (In The Shadows Of Ancients pt. III)
06. To The Skies
07. Kill Your Ghosts
08. Dead Channel
09. Orison

Matt Harrington – vocals
Scott O’Dowd – guitar & backing vocals

Temple of Lies – The Serial Killer Suite (2017)

UK, TEMPLE OF LIES formed in 2010 out of a stoner rock project called Anaconda. Front Man Si Shaw joined the band and with founding guitarist Jon Scranney, the pair set their sights on developing a musical style that would entertain audiences with heavy, bouncy, melodic and catchy songs. Mixed with the pounding and groovy metal drumming from Alex Gamble who joined in 2012 the band have continued to develop their own niche sound.

01. Epic Doom
02. Illusion of Choice
03. Broken Mind
04. Modus Operandi
05. Skin
06. I Cut You Ble

The Mojo Gurus – Gone (2017)

GONE is the new CD by The Mojo Gurus. It is 15 mercurial tracks of Rock ‘n’ Roll as it was meant to be. This versatile band have managed to incorporate the sounds of their varied influences yet still create their own powerful, unique sound.Prepare to be dazzled by the songwriting and musicianship of The Mojo Gurus.

1. Real Gone Groove, Pt. 1
2. Love Somebody
3. Fifty Miles
4. All I Do Is Cry
5. Monkey
6. Busted
7. What’s Wrong With You
8. Two Smokin’ Barrels
9. Never Met a Girl Like You Before
10. She’s Got It All
11. Roll Wit

Aaron Hellvis – Ballsqueezin’ Boozesniffin’ Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘N’ Roll (2017)

Artist: Aaron Hellvis
Country: USA
Album: Ballsqueezin ‘Boozesniffin’ Motherfuckin ‘Rock’ N ‘Roll
Genre: Southern Rock / Punk / Hard Rock ‘n Roll

01. King Dynamite
02. Motor
03. Dead or Alive
04. Into the Wall
05. Chicago Typewriter
06. Walk, Baby, Walk
07. We are Motorteds
08. Riches
09. Rebel
10. Sir Lucky John Booze
11. Bad Franky’s Hell Cab
12. Roadhouse Bloody Blue
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Pinto Graham – Uno (2017)

Pinto Graham is a Southern Rock trio. Shake your boogie-woogie booty or bang your head. Or both if you’re talented enough. Superb!!!!! . Favorite track: Ghost Town.

01. Hell Train
02. Counting Coup
03. Ghost Town
04. Gambler
05. The Creeper
06. Fire
07. Bootlegger Blues
08. Wind n Heel
09. Low Road
10. High Flyer


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