Aliaga – Calaveras Y Martinis (2017)

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock / Glam Metal
Country: Spain

01. La Hermana Lulú 03:30
02. Un Año Después 04:44
03. No Hay Nada Mejor 03:01
04. La Furia 06:11
05. Bye Bye Nena 04:34
06. Nunca Fue Mi Intención 05:07
07. Y Cuántas Más Como Tú 04:16
08. Stuka 04:18
09. Homicida Rock & Roll 05:52
10. Rodar en Libertad 03:25
11. El Rey del Blues 04:17
12. Volver a Nacer 05:03
13. La Dama de Nueva Orleans 04:14


Black Heart Suicide – Bitch 2015 EP

We have decided to share with you this compilation of songs in our former style that we have put together from years past. With new band members and a new goal in mind, we now have a fresh original style that better defines who we are and what we stand for. So, enjoy this album; it’s a lot of fun!

1.Alright 02:28
2.Bad Girl 03:11
3.The Reason 03:17
4.Clover 02:56
5.Big Truck 03:44
6.Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll 03:08


Faster Pussycat – Wake Me When It’s Over (1989) [Japan Press] Lossless

Artist: Faster Pussycat  Title Of Album: Front Row For The Donkey Show  Year Of Release: 2009  Country: USA  Genre: Hard Rock / Sleaze / Glam  Format: APE (image+.cue, scans)  Size: 469 Mb


01. Where There’s A Whip There’s A Way (6:46)
02. Little Dove (5:08)
03. Poison Ivy (4:27)
04. House Of Pain (5:48)
05. Gonna Walk (4:15)
06. Pulling Weeds (4:36)
07. Slip Of The Tongue (4:32)
08. Cryin’ Shame (4:55)
09. Tattoo (4:56)
10. Ain’t No Way Around It (4:31)
11. Arizona I

Autograph – That’s The Stuff – 1985 (Rock Candy Records CANDY063) Remastered 2009, APE

Genre: Glam Metal, Hard Rock
Year of edition of disc: 2009
Country of disc: UK
Publisher (Record Label): Rock Candy Records
Catalog number: CANDY063

01. That’s The Stuff 04:24
02. Take No Prisoners 03:56
03. Blondes In Black Cars 04:16
04. You’ll Get Over It 03:28
05. Crazy World 04:35
06. Six String Fever 04:32
07. Changing Hands 04:51
08. Hammerhead 01:37
09. Built For Speed

Andy McCoy & Pete Malmi (Hanoi Rocks) – Briard 1997, FLAC

In 1997 Pekka Lehto started to film a movie about the life of Andy. Pelle Miljoona, Dave Lindholm and Andy also made a short acoustic tour. In 1998 for reasons unknown Andy fell from a third floor balcony and was taken to hospital because his legs were injured. He still could record few songs to the soundtrack of his movie The Real McCoy which was premiered in 1999.

1 Fuck The Army
2 I Didn’t Know She Could Rock’N’Roll
3 River Of Dreams
4 Let’s Play Home
5 Why Is Love So Cruel
6 Sexy Girl
7 London Town
8 Head Over Heels
9 Border To Border
10 Spirit
11 Scream


Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice 2017, FLAC

Genre: Hard Rock / Glam
Year: 2017
Publisher (record label): Frontiers Music s.r.l
Country of Artist (Group): Sweden

1 Wild Child 00:04:36
2 XIII 00:04:52
3 Walk the Wire 00:04:53
4 Shot with a Needle of Love 00:03:47
5 Killer 00:04:30
6 Hunter of the Heart 00:03:52
7 Snakes in Paradise 00:05:01
8 If It’s Love 00:05:01
9 Kiss of Judas 00:04:03
10 Live Before I Die 00:03:04


Gutter Queens – Viva Las Divas 2012

GUTTER QUEENS are founded on the ashes of Juvenile Crime and rose from the vault in the year 2000 with a new line-up. They rock the national and international venues since.
In-your-face GLAM PUNK ROCK with a lipstick attitude makes ROCK N ROLL finally dangerous again.

This is your ultimate live band! They rock the venues, clubs, bars, basements from Germany to Italy, from France to Belgium, Denmark to England and so on.
GUTTER QUEENS know how to put on a «glamtastic» live show. They let your false eyelashes shiver with Marshall stacks as high as heels. That’s wild ROCK N ROLL, baby!

1 Rock’n’Roll Desperado – Gutter Queens
2 Runaway – Gutter Queens
3 Get Glamed With Rock’n’Roll (New Version) – Gutter Queens
4 Blooze – Gutter Queens
5 Diva Divine – Gutter Queens
6 Sweet – Gutter Queens
7 Juvenile Dream – Gutter Queens
8 Suck&#8

Sweden (Stockholm)
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal / Glam
Year of publication: 2002-2012
Label: FS Records / GMR Music Group

Fatal Smile • 2002 “Beyond Reality” (00:43:21) 320 kbps
Fatal Smile • 2006 “Neo Natural Freaks” (00:41:49) 320 kbps
Fatal Smile • 2008 “World Domination” (00:42:08) 320 kbps
Fatal Smile • 2012 “21st Century Freaks” (00:49:17) 320 kbps

Blade – Vocals
Mr. – Guitars
Alx – Bass
Philty – Drums



YEAR : 2017
COUNTRY: International
GENRE : Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, Glam Metal

001. Angels Or Kings – When The Heart Is Wrong 4:25
002. Black Hole Raven – Do Not Luv Me 3:34
003. Black Paisley – Coming Home 3:59
004. Black Star Riders – Fade 4:23
005. Black Stone Cherry – Hangman 3:57
006. Blackfoot – Take Me Home 4:51
007. Bobby Kimball – Flatline 3:28
008. Bon Jovi – Goodnight New York 3:54
009. Boneyard Dog – Heartbreaker 4:13
010. Bonfire – InstruMetal 3:39
011. Brother Firetribe – For

Cream Pie – No Secrets (2017)

Fans of 80s US hard rock will love “Givin’ Up”, bringing SLAUGHTER to mind, while “It’s Gonna Be Alright” has a bit of a TIGERTAILZ (Kim Hooker era) and SKID ROW feel to it. If you need more comparisons, let’s say that “Disasterpiece” has a bit of a BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION vibe… The cherry on the cake here is “Friendzoned”, a cool colourful glam metal tune that will make you want to listen to it again just after it stopped.

01 Downtown Pirates
02 Away from Me
03 Naked
04 Feeling
05 Givin’ Up
06 Disasterpiece
07 Friendzoned!
08 It’s

Sea Hags – Sea Hags [Rock Candy Remastered] 2007

2007 digitally remastered and expanded reissue of this 1989 kick-ass low slung Rock ‘N’ Roll platter from the Seattle Rockers, produced by Mike Clink (Guns ‘N Roses). Rock Candy.The Sea Hags were a cool band in the 80’s that never got wide acclaim. But they really rocked. Great band, great playing and great songs.

1. Half Way The Valley
2. Doghouse
3. Too Much T-Bone
4. Someday
5. Back To The Grind
6. Bunkbed Creek
7. In The Mood For Love
8. Miss Fortune
9. All The Time
10. Three’s A Charm
11. Under The Night Stars
12. Doghouse (Demo)
13. Half Way The Valley (Demo)

Tattooed Love Boys – Bleeding Hearts And Needle Marks (1989)

Alright, I don’t care if you heard it all and you’ve been from Van Halen to Dokken to Winger, you haven’t heard real 80’s hair metal till you check these guys out. I came across the tattooed love boys when I unearthed their vinal in the vault of a radio station i used to work at.

I thought the cover art looked cool so I gave it a spin on the radio. I didn’t think much of it untill I started getting requests every week for the silly thing! And you know, after you start to listen to it, it really grows on you! The band is talented and their songs are an anthems to a the party world of yesterday. (or the day before) With tracks like Stikky Stuff, Who you bringing to the party, and Sweet Little ragamuffin, these guys really know how to rock it down! If that doesn’t sell you, you

1 2 3 102