Bangkok Shock – The Culture Slut Collection 2013

Category: Sleaze Glam
Year: 2013
Label: FNA Records

1. Culture Slut
2. The Avenue
3. One Kiss
4. Junior Prom Cherry Bomb
5. Culture Slut Instrumental Acoustic Demo
6. Shock You live
7. Johnny Rocket live
8. The Avenue live
9. Psycho Chick Therapy live
10. Culture Slut live
11. One Kiss live
12. Venus In Furs
13. Mystery live
14. Junior Prom Cherry Bomb live
15. Culture Slut commentary
16. The Avenue commentary
17. One Kiss commentary
18. Junior

Reckless Love – Reckless Love (2010) Lossless

Band: Reckless Love (Finland)
Album: Reckless Love
Style: Hard Rock / Glam
Year: 2010
Bitrate: FLAC (image + cue, scans)
Archive: 350 Mb


01 – Feel My Heat.
02 – One More Time.
03 – Badass.
04 – Love Machine.
05 – Beautiful Bomb.
06 – Romance.
07 – Sex.
08 – Back To Paradise.
09 – So Yeah!.
10 – Wild Touch.
11 – Born To Rock.

Thanks for album: -Jоlly Rоger-

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YEAR : 2017
COUNTRY: England (London)
GENRE : Glam Rock, Hard Rock

01. Mad Donna
02. Cosmic Dancer
03. Jeepster
04. Children Of The Revolution
05. Baby Boomerang
06. Get It On
07. Do You Wanna Dance
08. Telegram Sam
09. Rabbit Fighter
10. Life’s A Gas
11. Ballrooms Of Mars
12. 20th Century Boy
13. Main Man

01. Metal Guru
02. Mystic Lady
03. Rock On
04. The Slider
05. I Love To Boogie
06. Mambo Sun
07. Solid Gold Easy Action
08. To Know You Is To Love You

L.A. Guns – Hollywood Vampires 1991 [Remastered 2015]

Hollywood Vampires is the third album by L.A. Guns. Released in 1991, the meticulous production gives the album a sound typical of the period — a full sound, with lots of background harmony vocals, layered guitars and additional keyboard tracks. The album starts in a more somber note with “Over the Edge”, which was used in the film Point Break.

01. Over The Edge [5:43]
02. Some Lie 4 Love [3:36]
03. Kiss My Love Goodbye [4:43]
04. Here It Comes [4:39]
05. Crystal Eyes [5:53]<

Adam Bomb ‎– New York Times [Rem.] 2017

Category: Sleaze Glam
Year: 2001 / 2017
Label: Mausoleum Music

1 Lyin’ With Dogs
2 More Or Less
3 Cheyenne
4 New York Child
5 Doom Glorified
6 Walk The Other Way
Written-By – Bobby Chouinard
7 Kick It Out
8 Saluda A Lola
9 Heaven Come To Me
10 MacDougal Street
Written-By – Phil Feit
11 Anxiety
Written-By – West Arkeen
12 It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
Written-By – Keith Richards, Mick Jagger


Adam Bomb – Limited Edition Tour CD 2004 / 2017

Limited edition tour CD, these are studio recordings compiled from Adam’s various albums and are NOT live recordings.

1 The Big Event – Adam Bomb
2 Je”T”Aime Bebe – Adam Bomb
3 Hey Hey Nothin’ – Adam Bomb
4 Stranded – Adam Bomb
5 Life’s A Bitch & Then You Live – Adam Bomb
6 Rock Sex City – Adam Bomb
7 Pissed – Adam Bomb
8 I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are) – Adam Bomb
9 Backbiter /S.U.S. – Adam Bomb
10 Rocket – Adam Bomb
11 Guitarmaggedon – Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb – Crazy Motherfucker (Re-Release) 2017

This is probably Adam Bomb’s most notorious album and it’s finally being re-released. Crunching guitar work, great vocals and killer lyrics make this a must have for all ADAM BOMB and HARD ROCK fans. 9 Tracks that will crank your head and make you beg for more!

1 Crazy Mother Fucker
2 King Of The World
3 Angry Angry
4 Let There Be Rock
5 Broken
6 Designs On You
7 Siete Lonchas
8 9.11.2010
9 Zoll


AdamBomb – Rock like fuck (Re-Release) 2017

The title says it all!! Blistering guitars and vocals from R&R’s bad boy! A great catalog piece by one of rock’s true legends. This release is sure to satisfy any true fan of glam
rock. Great tunes delivered in a truly dramatic fashion. Kick ass drumming, scorching guitars and a rock solid bass give this everything you need to get you off!

01The Big Event
02Life’s A Bitch ‘n’ Then You Live
04Shattered Smile
05If This Is Love I Want My Money Back
06Jimmy Brown
07I Wanna Gorget You (just The Way You Are)
08Backbiter / S.u.s.

Adam Bomb – Get animal 2 (Re-Release) 2017

The second of the great GET ANIMAL recordings. Searing metal from a great metal artist. This is the second of the great GET ANIMAL records and it shows why ADAM
BOMB is a perennial favorite touring act. Great vocals, searing guitar, thundering drums. It just doesn’t get any better. A must for all metal fans.

01Dwi On The Info Super Highway
03New York New York .
04Je T’aime Bebe
05Better Red Than Dead
06Lights Out
07Star Crossed Life
09Nine Times A Day
11No! No! No! No!
12Box Of Shite

Adam Bomb – Get Animal 1 [Rem.] 2017

Thundering guitars, searing vocals, the true hallmark of great metal. Adam Bomb is at it again with the treasure from the past. This is the first of the great »Get Animal« duo of records. This is the reason that Adam Bomb still tour 250 plus days a year throughout the world. The Adam Bomb catalog will sell for ever!

01. I’m On It
02. Swingin’ On A Star
03. Bought The Farm
04. Hey Hey Nothin’
05. Might Makes Right
06. Miracle
07. Shake The Earth
08. Shotgun (Saturday Night)
09. Crash Boom Bam
10. SST
11. Countdown
12. Le

Firenote – Firenote (2009) Lossless

Artist: Firenote  Title Of Album: Firenote  Year Of Release: 2009  Country: Finland  Genre: Hard Rock / AOR / Glam
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,  scans)  Size: 308 Mb


1. Firenote 3:15
2. Danger 3:54
3. Sara La Fountain 3:47
4. Speed Freak 3:51
5. My Love Will Never Die 4:43
6. Don’t Ever Fall In Love 3:42
7. Love Me Or Let Me Live 4:27
8. Mayday 3:01
9. Suddenly 3:22
10. Heartbreaker 3:53
11. She Stole My Speedos 3:35

Jetboy – A Day In The Glamourous Life 1998

Jetboy’s “A Day in the Glamourous Life” is a collection of demos the band recorded just after signing their first record deal. Ultimately, Jetboy recorded only 2 official albums before calling it quits in the early 90’s. Thanks to the good people at Perris Records, we get to hear some great unreleased material that would otherwise be unheard.

1. Feel So Good
2. Cut Me Down
3. One Night Stands
4. Fire In My Heart
5. Quick Draw
6. Bad Disease
7. Losin’ Streak
8. Missing You
9. Rockin’ All Over The World
10. In The Alley
11. Boogie Woogie Girl
12. Prairie Nights
13. Talkin’
14. Shout It Out
15. I Wanna Be A Millionaire

Dreamsnowreality – Dreamfinity (Deluxe Edition) (2017)

For fans of CRAZY LIXX, DYNAZTY & CRASH DIET. Birth of the Dream DNR, a project from Italy, given life by the ambitious bassist Kira, who had a dream. “To fuse the Asian and Western Music as well as Visual styles into one.” With his idea thriving, he quickly gathered his first line-up including the genuine Drummer Ash, ready to confront the world with their new image of sound. highly recommend.

01. Rollercoaster
02. Another World Falls Down
03. Neverland
04. No Romance
05. Misleading Rose
06. It Will Rain
07. Miracle

UZI – Madhouse (2009) Lossless

Artist: UZI  Title Of Album: Madhouse  Year Of Release: 2009  Country: USA  Genre: Hard Rock / Hair / Sleaze Metal  Format: FLAC (image+.cue, scans)  Size: 369 Mb


01. Madhouse (4:35)
02. American Dream (2:56)
03. Mutha’s Knockin’ (3:55)
04. Rocker (3:46)
05. Do What I Do (3:57)
06. Away From My Heart (4:26)
07. Raise Hell (3:49)
08. From The Gutter (3:35)
09. Wreckerd Man (4:43)
10. For The Money (4:14)

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